I enforce a booking deposit of 20%. If for some reason you can not afford the full deposit right away I am willing to work with you. I will not put our shoot in my schedule until your deposit has gone into my PayPal account, unless we have prior arrangements. If you cancel with less than 7 days until our shoot I have a 30% cancellation fee that applies to everyone! If you cancel within 48 hours of our shoot I do expect the full payment we agreed on. I hate that I have to enforce this but I have many expenses when traveling. If you cancel in timely manner, I will refund your payment or deposit right away!

NOTE TO BOOKING CLIENTS- When I put you in my schedule is when I confirm. I will be at our shoot no matter what!!! And so should you! If you feel better confirming the day before please call me. That is why I give you my telephone number. When I am traveling I normally do not have ANY time to check my MM. So please do not message me on here and assume that the shoot is cancelled because I did not respond via MM. Thanks.

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